Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriages have its many faces around the world. There are those who are known to the culture of arranged marriages. Other versions are not that known. That is because they arrange a marriage between a husband who is very old and could be the father of the bride because of his age. This should be a custom that could just be ignored as it is their custom but because of its negative effect that it should be stopped. Children who are still in their young age are given into marriage.

They will not be given education but they were made to serve their husband who can abuse them. They also bear a child that they do not know how to take care of. Even if the child does not want it but they have no choice. This is not a good marriage. In other parts of the world, arrange marriage is also done but among young adults who are already in their twenties. The ones who have already finished their studies or one that is near.

It could be the result of the agreement of both families when they were still young. Others use it to be able to find a partner for their family member. One who is already of appropriate age and has no husband or wife receive help from the arranged marriage set up. In other countries, they have the culture of kidnapping their wife. They may know them already and others not.